LaGrange Cycling Classic | LaGrange Criterium

THE REVOLUTION CONTINUES! Experience the excitement of the LaGrange Cycling Classic on Saturday, May 4, 2024!

Viva La Revolution - LaGrange Cycling Classic
LaGrange, Georgia is hot with competition. World-class cyclists vying for victory, scorching through the downtown streets between waves of rowdy spectators. It’s the thrill of the race, and the revolution is here!

This is the LaGrange Cycling Classic.

What Is a Criterium?

A criterium is an intense and competitive bike race. It’s a revolution of passion and zeal, enhanced with a block party. The streets are closed, music is everywhere, open containers are a-okay and hundreds of professional and amateur cyclists from across the nation are racing laps around street corners at 30 MPH+, competing for gold and pumping adrenaline straight into the air.

The LaGrange Cycling Classic is a proud partner of the Speed Week Series, a multi-race competition with host cities across Georgia and South Carolina.

2024 LaGrange Cycling Classic Race Winners

Women’s PRO 1/2/3
1st: Alexis Magner
2nd: Kaitlyn Rauwerda
3rd: Kendall Ryan

Men’s PRO 1/2

1st: Cole Davis
2nd: Bryan Gomez
3rd: Michael Garrison

Women’s CAT 3/4
1st: Claire Abrey 
2nd: Traci Carson
3rd: Sarah Godwin


Men’s CAT 2/3
1st: Zac Threatt
2nd: Colin Mathern
3rd: Kaison Smith

Women’s CAT 4/5
1st: Michelle Simmons




Men’s CAT 4/5

1st: Mauricio Campos

2nd: Fabio Lucas
3rd: Michael Deane

Past Race Winners

2023 LaGrange Cycling Classic Race Winners

Women’s PRO 1/2/3
1st: Leah Kirchmann
2nd: Matilda Raynolds
3rd: Daniely Garcia

Men’s PRO 1/2

1st: Fergus Arthur
2nd: Bryan Gomez
3rd: Jordan Arley Parra Arias 

Women’s CAT 3/4
1st: Madeline Wayman 
2nd: Katie Prowell
3rd: Charlotte Lehmann


Men’s CAT 2/3
1st: Julien Ruhe
2nd: Nick Tallarigo
3rd: Lee Salillas

Women’s CAT 4/5
1st: Grace Formichella

2nd: Sophia Hernandez 

3rd: Kelli Rogan


Men’s CAT 4/5

1st: Nicholas Chatel 

2nd: Jason Salillas
3rd: James Robbins


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